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More Stumpers on the Web: Puzzles and - lots of originals and links
Absurd Math: Pre-algebra from another dimension - Interactive stories with math problems. I haven't tried it.
ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Problem Archive - Lots of tricky programming puzzles
The AIMS Puzzle Corner
AFU and Urban Legends Archive and FAQ - good stuff from alt.folklore.urban
The Answer Bank - Q&A about anything, you can post your own questions
Archimedes' Laboratory - nice collection of puzzles and games
Ask Science Questions - meta-list of "Ask a [***] Scientist" Web sites
Ask A Physicist - from NASA Cosmic and Heliospheric Learning Center
Ask A Scientist - medical and biology Q&A from Howard Hughes Medical Institute, with nice page on Becoming a Scientist
Ask The Astronomer - Dr. Sten Odenwald huge collection of Astronomy Q&A
Ask Bob - Science Q&A by Quirks and Quarks radio show by host Bob McDonald
Ask Discover - general science Q&A from Discover Magazine
Ask Dr. Math
Ask Dr. Neutrino - Physics Q&A
Ask Dr. Science - funny stuff from Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre, there's also a Real Audio archive
Ask a High-Energy Astronomer - Cosmology Q&A from NASA
Ask Jack - Weather Q&A
Ask Science Theater - archive of science Q&A by students at Michigan State University, no longer happening?
Ask the Space Scientist- a mirror of Dr. Sten Odenwald's Ask The Astronomer
Astronomy Quiz

Bad Astronomy - entertaining reviews and comments by Phil Plait
Bad Science - by Alistair B. Fraser, there are also pages on Bad Chemistry and Bad Meteorology7
BBC SCience and Science Shack - science features from BBC
The Big List of Puzzle and Riddle Pages
BrainBlisters - lots of puzzles (formerly BrainBashers)
The Brain Exerciser - Mathematical riddles
Brain Food
Braingle - almost 2000 brain teasers, you can register and submit/rank puzzles
Brain Teasers from Fitzweb - Javascript puzzles
The Burr Puzzles Site - online JAVA burr puzzles from IBM, confusing interface

Card Trick Central - They are all stumpers till you figure it out
The Case - Court puzzles
The Challenge Factor - Shockwave puzzles
Caissa's Web - entry to the Internet Chess Server
Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (CIMT) Puzzle Pages - lots of puzzles and some answers
Clifford Pickover's webpage and discussion group - more than math and science from prolific author
College Prep Quiz - multi-subject quiz for time, miss one and you start over. This is fun!
Combinatorial Game Theory - links to mathematical treatments of some strategy games
Conceptual Physics Surf - Q&A and links from author Paul Hewitt
Cool Puzzles, Games, and Applets - lots of stuff
Cool Quiz Network - links to many simple online quizzes, eg a Map Quiz. Requires Shockwave, and slow to load.
Creative Puzzles: alt.brain.teasers archive - The make your own puzzles page is especially good.
CRpuzzles - traditional pencil and paper puzzles in slick Java format - Rob McMullen's attractive collection of puzzles and paradoxes, worth exploring
Cut The Knot and the CTK Exchange - math Q&A with some stumpers

Delphi For Fun - lots of small math and word programs with source code and algorithms
Devlin's Angle
The Dilbert Zone Daily Mental Workout and archive - with cartoons!
Do Science - Food tricks and stumpers by Eric Muller
Dr. Matrix' Mind Games

Earth and Sky - transcripts and audio of daily science radio show
EncycloZine Perplexing Puzzles - impressive Java site with games, puzzles, mazes, illusions, and a wide range of general topics.
The Engines of Our Ingenuity - elegant musings on technology and ingenuity by John Lienhard of The University of Houston's College of Engineering.
Erich's Place - Erich Friedman presents lots of tough puzzles, especially in geometrical packing and combinatorial geometry, with a problem archive
Explorit Science Center - Monthly Science Challenges
Explorit Science Stumpers - tricky Q&A about science history
Exploratorium Science Snacks - interesting science demos

Favorite Math Constants - from Steven Finch and friends
Figure This! Math Challenges for Families - slick collection of not-too-hard stumpers from NSF and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Freeware Games - download links to games and puzzles
Fun Mathematics Lessons - by Cynthia Lanius, several of these lessons are good stumpers
Fun With Mathematics! - recreational math from Harry J. Smith
Fun With Words - serious wordplay, including oxymora

Games Domain Download Page
General Chemistry Online FAQ - chemistry Q&A
Geometry and the Imagination - by John Conway, Peter Doyle, Jane Gilman, and Bill Thurston, interesting puzzles from a master.
The Geometry Junkyard
Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes - the raw material of many stumpers, also check the Reader Submitted Examples
Google Answers - I use Google as the source of all knowledge, but they also offer a pay-for-anser service. You can read old questions and answers for free
The Greatest Places - Geography stumpers from Dr. Cecil Keen
Great Moments in Science - large archive of science essays by Karl Kruszelnicki from Australia
The Grey Labyrinth
Guinness World Records - slick site with fun trivia

Hexi - interesting Java strategy game with nice (but distracting) animation. Is there a winning strategy?
Home of the Underdogs - A place to find abandoned games, including puzzle favorites like Fool's Errand and Scott Kim's great Heaven & Earth
HotAIR - Web version of Annals of Improbable Reasearch, funny!
How Stuff Works - useful explanations of things we take for granted, check their Question Archive
How Things Work - large collection of interesting Q&A hosted by Louis A. Bloomfield of The University of Virginia, be sure to check out the Book Supplements

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics - reviews of the physics in popular movies
Interactive Games on the Web - big list of interactive Web games
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
International Mathematical Olympiad and IMO Problem Archives - tough math problems (and solutions!) from world-class competition
The Internet Math Challenge
Inwit Publishing - writings and links on science topics

Javalovers Applet Showroom - JAVA puzzles and games
Jeopardy Online - real games on the Web
John Rausch's Puzzle World - handcrafted mechanical puzzles for sale and view, also great Stewart Coffin books for free download
Journal of How Things Work - published by Louis A. Bloomfield of The University of Virginia

Kasparov Chess - chess portal from Garry Kasparov
Ken Duisenberg's Puzzle of the Week and Puzzle Links
Kevin Brown's MathPages - physics too, interesting advanced discussion

The Last Word - Interesting science Q&A from New Scientist, a great reference
The Lateral Puzzles Forum - an online newsgroup for tough orginal problems
The Little Math Puzzle Contest - large collection of school puzzzles (lots of "complete the sequence")
Logic Mazes - was Robert Abbott's Mazes, hard online mazes, requires JAVA
The Logic Problems Page - with samples and tutorials on how to solve them

The MAD Scientist Network - Ask-A-Scientist service and huge searchable archive
MAA Online columns - Columns by Ivars Peterson, Keith Devlin, Frank Morgan, and Alex Bogomolny
Macalester College Problem of the Week - math problems from email list, also a large archive
Magic Books - large collection of books on magic with Amazon links
Magic Squares, Magic Stars & Other Patterns - comprehensive analysis by Harvey Heinz
Marilyn is Wrong! - Herb Weiner's collection of errors in Marilyn vos Savant's Parade Magazine column, good discussions
Math Chat - Christian Science Monitor columns by Frank Morgan
Mathematical Games - nice collection of games, with links for more info
MatheMUSEments - short pieces by Ivars Peterson
Math Forum Archive of geometry.puzzles
The Math in the Movies Page - critical reviews of math in recent movies
MathLand Archives - Ivars Peterson
Math Mistakes - Paul Cox' large collection of math mistakes from media, politicians, etc. - lot's of stuff on Ed Pegg's great site!
The MathSoft Math Puzzle Page
Math Study Web - lots of links to math sites and software
Math Trek - Ivars Peterson
Mensa International
Merriam-Webster's Word Puzzles
Microsoft Games - play the beast online, including single player games.
Mike Keith's World of Words & Numbers - interesting math diversions
Mike's Puzzle of the Week and MARP Archive
Millennium Prize Problems - seven unsolved math problems worth $1000000 each to solve!
The Mind Breakers - puzzles and riddles
Mind Sports International (MSO) - lots of games and puzzles
MSO Computer Programming Tournament - Monthly challenge with short work time, no source code
Mudd Math Fun Facts - interesting math topics from Francis Su at Harvey Mudd College

Name That Plant - Botany stumpers
National Geographic GeoBee Challenge - daily geography quiz
National Puzzlers' League
Newton Ask-A-Scientist Archive - huge collection of math/science Q&A
Newton's Apple: Teacher's Guides
Nick's Mathematical Puzzles - challenging puzzles from Nick Hobson with excellent answers
Nikora's Puzzles - large collection with short answers
NGSEC Security Games - hacking stumpers that get hard, you have to register
NPR Car Talk Weekly Puzzle
NPR Sounds Like Science Homepage
NPR Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle
NRICH Online Maths Club - new math games and puzzles every month for all ages

Ole Miss Math Problem of the Week Contest Page - a real contest with calculators for prizes
Olympiad Math Madness - hard math stumpers
OMSI Science Whatzit! - science Q&A from Portland

Pam's Puzzles - good original puzzles for Cybergrrlz (and smart guyz)!
Paul Bourke's Puzzles - but no answers!
Peach's Puzzle Page - puzzles from honor students at Governor Livingston High School (but horrible background!)
The Physics Question of the Week - new feature from the University of Maryland Department of Physics
Physics Questions - tricky Q&A from the UW-Stout Physics Department
PhysLink: Ask Experts Your Physics Questions - physics Q&A
Planetarium - a story-puzzle in weekly instalments, looks slick, I haven't started yet
Please Pass the Science - science Q&A by Scott Berk, "Simplistic, misleading, and somewhat condescending. . . but never boring!"
Plus Math and NRICH problem archive - monthly math zine with features and puzzles for smart kids from Cambridge University
POTM - serious programming challenge, check the past problems and the POTM Message Board
Powered Parachute Question of the Day - specialized but interesting Q&A
Primrose Puzzles - new puzzles every week
Problems of the Week - 6th grade math problems by David J. Picard
Psychic Stunts - Michael Daniels' neat collection of math tricks and other oddities to explain
Puzzle Depot
Puzzle Fun - polyomino puzzles
Puzzlemaker - make custom mazes, word search, and crossword puzzles online
Puzzle Museum - collection of classics
The Puzzle Ring - webring of puzzle sites
Puzzles by Puzzability - weekly stumpers, word puzzles
Puzzle Sequences - from Sloane's On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Puzzles with a Purpose - good original puzzles and discussions mostly by Paul Niquette

Quirks and Quarks - Real Audio versions (but no transcripts) of Canadian radio show that gets experts to answer interesting science questions

Ray Hamel's Crossword Puzzles page - puzzles and huge collection of links
Reality Carnival - fun and bizarre stuff from Cliff Pickover
The rec.puzzles Archive - great resource!
Recreational & Educational Computing (REC) - Puzzles and programs by Dr. Michael W. Ecker, including Mathemagical Black Holes
Riddle (etc) DuJour - stumpers for cash and prizes
The Riddler - stumpers for cash and prizes
Rob's Puzzle Pages Archive - another big list of puzzle links
Rose Hoffmann - Catholic Memorial High School
Rubik's Puzzles and - Rubik's cubes and lots more, tough stuff

The Science Corner - Newspaper columns written by Jim Hunt and Nigel Bunce
Science Fridays and archive - NPR show by Ira Flatow, hours of RealAudio
The Science Essays of Dr. Ronald DeLorenzo - interesting short essays about chemistry
"Science Myths" in K-6 Textbooks and Popular culture - from Bill Beaty's Science Hobbyist site
ScienceNet - huge collection of science Q&A, many of then pleasantly naive.
Science Netlinks - short science Q&A from AAAS
Science Playwiths - nice collection of math and science puzzles and activities
Scientific American: Ask the Experts - science Q&A
Scott Kim, Puzzle Master - puzzles and products by a master
Sendafriend Mindbenders - Some remarkable illusions
Shack's Math Problems - Nice collection of math puzzles with solutions
The Skinny On... - everyday science column by Hannah Holmes from
SMARD Puzzles - math puzzles from Australian math teachers group
SMSU Problem Corner and archives
The Stone - demo of javascript puzzles
The Straight Dope - from Cecil Adams, with recent columns. Also check out
The Straight Dope Message Boards - comments and questions from the Teeming Millions
STUMPERS-L and The Wonderful World of Wombats, the unofficial STUMPER-L page - Wombats are real stumpers from reference librarians, huge archive from email group

Tau Beta Pi Brain Ticklers - tough stumpers from the engineering honor society
Thinks.Com - 1001 uses for a playful brain
The Trivia Portal - the raw material for stumpers, you can make your own quizes
The Truth Tree's Math and Logic Board - it's a competition
20,000 Problems Under the Sea - searchable collection of "Math Treasure on the Web"

Uvarov Bros. Programming Contest - Another tough contest for programmers from Russia, like POTM
The Ultimate Puzzle Site! - their name
Unsolved Mathematics Problems - collected by Steven Finch at MathSoft, lots of links - the raw material for stumpers
USA Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS) Home Page - tough problems from the NSA!
USGS Science Challenge Questions and Answers - geology Q&A

Vandelay Games Word Gamers' Paradise - pen and pencil games and great links

Weather Corner Archives - good collection of weather articles and Q&A by Jan Null
Weather Doctor - large collection of interesting articles by Keith Heidorn
Weatherwise Queries - answers to weather stumpers from NOAA meteorologist Thomas Schlatter
Web Guide - Mathematical Puzzles
The Why Files - science behind the news, from the University of Wisconsin
Wind and Current Puzzles - for sailors
WonderQuest - USA Today weekly science column by April Holladay, and Archive
Wood Puzzles - info and links on hand made wood puzzles
The Word Detective - current word trivia and archive
Word Play - annotated links to pages about having fun with words
Word Problems For Kids

Yahoo! Games server - play games on the web

Usenet Stumpers:

The Usenet is the real internet - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Caveat emptor!

Many of these groups get 100s of posts per day, so they're hard to follow on the Web. I still prefer to use tin in my unix shell account to follow selected groups day by day. But the Web is handy for browsing. You can access and search all 30,000+ Usenet groups at DejaNews. (RemarQ is no longer available.)

Click on the group name to access your own news server, or click on the [web] link to read the group from the DejaNews Web server.

alt.brain.teasers [web] [web]
alt.folklore.urban [web]
alt.math.recreational [web]

geometry.puzzles [web]
japan.puzzle.misc [web] - Japanese, some English
k12.ed.math [web] [web]
rec.puzzles [web] - and FAQ
rec.puzzles.crosswords [web]
relcom.rec.puzzles [web] - Russian, some English

sci.answers [web] - mostly FAQs for all the sci groups, a great resource!
sci.astro [web]
sci.crypt [web]
sci.lang [web]
sci.logic [web]
sci.math [web]
sci.physics [web]
sci.skeptic [web]

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