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East-West Mountains (6 Nov 1998)
If you are travelling through the Panama Canal from east to west, which ocean will you get to?

The city of Colon on the Atlantic side of the canal is west of Panama City on the Pacific side! Here's a map.

East-West Mountains (6 Nov 1998)
Julie Time (16 Feb 2001)
Recently this telephone conversation took place in the continental U.S.:

A: "What time is it where you live?"
B: "1:30"
A: "That's what time it is here, also, but I'm in a west coast state and you are in an east coast state!"
B: "How can that be?????"

It happened between the western part of Florida and the eastern part of Oregon on October 25th at 1:30 a.m. At that time, the Floridian was in Central Standard Time, and the Oregonian was in Mountain Daylight-Savings Time, which are the same.

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