Phil Heiple

Consultant on

Solar Power

author of
"How to Make a Solar Power Generator for Less Than $300"
available in English, German, and Spanish, SolarWindPress 2010.


"Easy to Make Paper Dinosaurs" (available from ClickBank).
"Kachina Dolls of the Maloof Collection" (Clickbank)

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Tribute for the Khan by Phil Heiple

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Make your own
bottle of absinthe.


Easy to make designs for a dozen paper dinosaurs.
Included: stegosaurus, triceratops, raptor,
muttaburrasaurus, and more!

[IMAGE]Gardening as an
Anarchist Plot

Gardening pages!
Sunflower houses,
companion planting,
container gardening
wheatgrass boxes,
recipes, and more!

I love to cook. Here are my recipes for pizza, vichyssoise, chili, and more.

I got the nickname "Fear" early in my career at KTYD radio in Santa Barbara, California. I was the first deejay to play Fear, Black Flag, and the Dead Kennedys and the other deejays kidded me about it by calling me "Fear Heiple" instead of "Phil Heiple." It stuck.
After twelve years, I finally retired from radio deejaying.

These are a few of my playlists. Please don't send me any more CD's (but thank you if you ever did). I am no longer in the music business. Please do not send me music-related e-mail.

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