Fear of Music 11/13/94

Electrafixion "Zephyr"
Ween "Voodoo Lady"
D Generation "No Way Out"
Bryan Ferry "Mamouna"
Veruca Salt "Seether"
They Might be Giants "Snail Shell"
Morphine "Buena"
Cracker "I Ride My Bike"
Bad Religion "21st Cent. Digital Boy"
Depeche Mode "Question of Time" remix
Cult "Coming Down" club mix

Toadies Backslider"
Sinead O'Connor "Fire on Babylon"
Thrill Kill Kult "After the Flesh"
Helmet "Wilma's Rainbow"
Dead Can Dance "The Protagonist"
X-Ray Spex "Oh, Bondage, Up Yours"
Skunks "C'est Eski C'est Eska"
Beck "Loser"
Rancid "Salvation"
Violent Femmes "Blister in the Sun"
Sonic Youth "Bull in the Heather"
Dambuilders "Smell"
Lazy "Crush"
Suede Animal Nitrate"
Sick of it All "Scratch the Surface"
Felony "Fanatic"
Moby "Feeling So Real" old skool mix

Murmurs "You Suck"
Sisters of Mercy "Walk Away"
Ministry "Jesus Built My Hotrod"
Jane's Addiction "3 Days"
Ramones "Rock and Roll Radio"
Hole "Miss World"
Hole "Beautiful Son"
Will "Father Forgive"
Queensryche "I am I" medley
Dead Kennedys "Holiday in Cambodia"

Cranes "Paris and Rome"
Orbital "Attached"
Siouxsie "Kiss Them for Me"
Gang of Four "Damaged Goods"
XC-NN "Find Out"
Red Square Black "I Lost My"
Liz Phair "Supernova"
Swinging Cats "Away"
22 Brides "Silence"
Ministry "Butterfly on a Wheel" acoustic
Green Jelly "Anthem"
Lush "Childcatcher"
Kraftwerk "The Model"
Babes in Toyland "Sweet 69"
Barry Manilow "I Can't Get Started without You"