FOM Halloween '95 10/29/

Boris Pickett "Monster Mash"
Ween "Voodoo Lady"
Warren Zevon "Werewolves of London"
Bowie "Hallo Spaceboy"
Spencer the Gardener "Monster of Love"
Ministry "Everyday is Halloween " extended
Specials "Ghost Town"
Will "Father Forgive"
Siouxsie "Halloween"
Ramones "Pet Sematery"
Jah Mallah "Bad Moon Rising"
Morphine "Buena"
Marcels "Blue Moon"

Siagon Kick "Eden"
Sisters of Mercy "Alice" '93
Whirling Dervishes "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch"
Jim Carroll Band "People Who Died"
Leftfield "Open Up"
X "Devil Doll"
Fred Schneider "Monster"
Cirith Ungol "Tocatta and Fugue in Dm"
Depeche Mode "Black Celebration" live
Skunk Anansi "Selling Jesus"
Bowie "Scary Monsters"

Garbage "Only Happy When It Rains"
Will "Furnace Rekindled"
Thrill Kill Kult "Kooler Than Jesus"
Kode IV "Insane" asylum mix
Pixies "Velouria"
Madness "One Step Beyond"
Rock Horror Picture Show "Time Warp"
Switchblade Symphony "Gutter Glitter"
Frontline Assembly "Iceolate"
Arthur Brown "Fire Poem-Fire"
Moby "New Dawn Fades"

Babe the Blue Ox "Hazmats"
Boingo "Insanity"
Shane MacGowan/Sinead O'Connor "Haunted"
Christian Death "Church of No Return"
Eva O Halo Experience "Children of the Light"
Cure "Subway Song"
Shockheaded Peters "Heartbreak Hotel"
Judy Nylon "Jailhouse Rock"
Rowland S. Howard/Lydia Lunch "Some Velvet Morning"
Miranda Sex Garden "Inferno"
Noise Unit "Dry Lungs"
Bauhaus "Bela Lagosi's Dead"