Fear of Music
Sun. 7p-12m
99.9 KTYD
Santa Barbara, CA.
Porno for Pyros "Tahitian Moon"
Church "Under the Milky Way"
Hole "Gold Dust Woman"
Redd Kross "Annie's Gone"
Beastie Boys "Shadrach"
Dead Boys "Sonic Reducer"
Ramones "Go Lil Camero Go"
Throwing Muses "Ruthie's Knocking"
Les Claypool & the Holy Mackerel "Holy Mackerel"
Bush "In a Lonely Place"
Madness "Grey Day"
Sinead O'Connor "Fire on Babylon"
Leftfield "Open Up"

Suburbs "Love is the Law"
Love and Rockets "So Alive"
Heads "Damage I've Done"
Damned "Grimly Fiendish"
Stone Roses "Fool's Gold"
Siouxsie "Christine"
Type O-Negative "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend"
Buggles "Clean Clean"
B.T./Tori Amos "Blue Skies"
Talk Talk "Talk Talk"
Nick Cave "The Ballad of Roger Moore and Betty Coltrane"
New Order "True Faith"

Camper Van Beethoven "Take the Skinheads Bowling"
Morrissey "Suedehead"
Lords of the New Church "Open Your Eyes"
Go-Go's "This Town"
Soul Coughing "Super Bon Bon"
Thrill Kill Kult "Final Blindness"
Ramones "I Wanna Be Sedated"
Ministry "Stigmata"
Gene Loves Jezebel "Desire"
Afgan Whigs "My World is Empty Without You/I Hear a Symphony"
Suede "Animal Nitrate"
Depeche Mode "Walking in My Shoes" live
Mission "Butterfly on a Wheel"

Lush "Ladykillers"
Jesus and Mary Chain "Reverence"
Peter Murphy "All Night Long" live
Curve "On the Wheel"
Angelfish "Suffocate Me"
Gang of Four "I Found that Essence Rare"
KMFDM "Light" NIN mix
Dukes of Strastosphear "25 O'Clock"
REM "First We Take Manhattan"
Cure "Close to Me"
Face to Face "I Won't Lie Down"
Ferron "Stand Up"

Sisters of Mercy "Temple of Love" Ofra Haza mix
Cocteau Twins "Iceblick Luck"
Patti Smith "Dancing Barefoot"
Soft Cell "Sex Dwarf"
Switchblade Symphony "Gutter Glitter"
Orchestral Manoevers in the Dark "Enola Gay"
Front 242 "Welcome to Paradise"
OM "Are You Experienced"
Sonic Youth "Diamond Sea"
Inkubus Sukkubus "Young Lovers"
Dead Can Dance "Song of the Stars"
Killing Joke "Love Like Blood"