Fear of Music 1-22-95

Throwing Muses 'Shimmer'
Bad Religion 'Stranger than Fiction'
Blondie 'Sunday Girl' French version
Depeche Mode 'World in My Eyes' oil tank mix
Electrafixion 'Zephyr'
They Might Be Giants 'Snail Shell'
Devo 'Freedom of Choice'
Social Distortion 'Story of My Life'
Murmurs 'Bad Mood'
Ween 'Voodoo Lady'
Pearl Harbor & the Explosions 'Drivin'
NIN 'That's What I get'
Everything But the Girl 'Missing' club mix

Sonic Youth 'Generic'
Violent Femmes 'Breakin Up'
Cult 'Assault on Sanctuary'
Tori Amos 'Past the Mission'
Cramps 'Naked girl Falling Down the Stairs'
Altered Images 'I Could be happy'
UB40 'Burden of shame'
Cure 'A Forest' tree mix
22 Brides "Wild in My Arms'
Yello 'Si Senor the Hairy grill'
Legendary Pink Dots 'Encore une Fois'
Bauhaus 'Ziggy Stardust'

Compulsion 'Accident Ahead'
Siouxsie "Fear of the Unknown'
Jane's Addiction 'Been Caught Stealing'
Danielle Dax 'Tomorrow Never Knows'
Suicidal Tendencies 'Institutionalized'
The Smiths 'Girlfriend in a Coma'
Joy Division 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'
Sparks 'I Predict'
Portishead 'Sour Times'
Micro Chip League 'New York'
Sisters of Mercy 'Marian'
Goops 'Booze Cabana'
Henry Rollins 'Fall Guy'
Fini Tribe 'Make It Internal' dance mix

Ariel 'Let it Rain' local band
PiL 'Covered'
Beatnigs 'Television'
Faith No More 'Crack Hitler'
Sinead O'Connor 'Heroine'
XTC 'Generals and Majors'
Throwing Muses 'Flood'
Doubting Thomas 'That Problem Child'
Das Ich 'Es ist ja krieg...'
Cassandra Complex 'Beyond Belief'
Crash Worship 'Procession'
Boiled in Lead 'My Son John'
KMFDM 'A Drug Against War'
Kevin Coyne 'Love in your Heart'