Fear of Music 1-29-95

Morrissey 'Boxers'
Violent Femmes 'Blister in the Sun'
Bad Religion 'Stranger Than Fiction'
Echo & Bunnymen 'Cutter'
Eve's Plum 'I Want it All'
Toasters 'Haitian Frustration' ska 12-inch
My Life w/the Thrill Kill Kult 'After the Flesh'
Veruca Salt 'Celebrate you'
Nick Cave 'Weeping Song'
NIN 'Terrible Lie' sympathetic mix
22 Brides 'Wild in My Arms '
Social Distortion 'Ring of Fire'
Waterlillies 'Never get Enough'
Pixies 'Monkey Gone to Heaven'

Marilyn Manson 'Lunchbox'
Siouxsie 'Cry'
Erasure 'Who Needs love like That?' Hamburg mix
Sinead O'Connor 'Fire on Babylon'
Wipers 'Romeo'
They Might be Giants 'Snail Shell'
Pete Shelley 'Homosapien'
Suede 'Animal Nitrate'
Kate Bush 'Experiment IV'
Depeche Mode 'In Your Room' live
Jale 'Emma'
Black Flag 'TV Party'
Frontline Assembly 'Millennium'
Dambuilders 'Smell'

Compulsion 'Accident Ahead'
Vodska 'L'espion qui venait du ska' (French ska 1980)
Joe Jackson 'Fools in Love' live
Dr. Alban 'It's My Life'
Superchunk 'Shallow End'
Chris & Cosey 'Take Control'
Senser 'Age of Panic'
Red Square Black 'I Lost My...'
Sisters of Mercy 'Temple of Love' Ofra Haza remix
Coil 'Panic'
808 State 'Cubic Boy'
7 Year Bitch 'Dead Men Don't Rape'
Cure 'Fascination Street' live

Electrafixion 'Zephyr'
Machines of Loving Grace 'Butterfly Wings'
Throwing Muses 'Bright Yellow Gun'
Carter USM 'Sheriff Fatman'
Symaryp 'Skinhead Jamboree' (Jamaican ska 1969)
Sheep on Drugs '15 Min. of Fame'
MC Olive & Slam Collective 'Heaven N' Hell'
Sex Pistols 'Anarchy in the UK'
Pavement 'Conduit for Sale'
Legendary Pink Dots 'Crushed Velvet'
Steve Albini & Zeni Geva 'The Model' live
Bauhaus 'She's in Parties'
Will 'Father Forgive'
Clash 'Return to Brixton'
Malcolm McLaren "Maddam Butterfly'