Fear of Music 1-8-95

Compulsion 'Accident Ahead'
Everything But the Girl 'Missing' club mix
Smiths 'Shiela take a Bow'
Soft Cell 'Sex Dwarf'
Rollins 'Fall Guy'
Machines of Loving Grace 'Golgotha Tenement Blues'
Camper Van Beethoven 'Take the Skinheads Bowling'
Depeche Mode 'Sea of Sin'
Throwing Muses 'Bright Yellow Gun'
Yaz 'Nobody's Diary'
Bad Religion '21st Cent. Digital Boy'

UK Apache & Shy FX 'Original Nuttah'
Vapors 'Turning Japanese'
Clash 'This is Radio Clash'
Stone Roses 'I Wanna be Adorned'
Sisters of Mercy 'You Could Be the One'
Ween 'Voodoo Lady'
Sonic Youth 'Teenage Riot'
Utah Saints 'Something Good'
Cult 'Sacred Life'
Sinead O'Connor 'Fire on Babylon'
Primus 'Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers'
Veruca Salt 'Celebrate You'

L7 'Hanging on the Telephone'
Suede 'So Young'
Dead Boys 'Sonic Reducer'
Afgan Whigs 'My World is Empty/I hear a Symphony'
Morphine 'Buena'
Subtle Plague 'Rainy Day Woman'
Psychic TV 'Good Vibrations'
Lords of Acid 'Out Come the Evil'
Ciconne Youth 'Into the Groovy'
Babes in Toyland 'Sweet 69'
Bronski Beat 'Hit That Perfect Beat'
Das Ich 'Von Der Armut'

Murmurs 'You Suck'
999 'Emergency'
Metallica 'One'
Siouxsie 'Killing Jar' lepidopteristic mix
Ministry 'New World Order'
Depeche Mode 'Personal Jesus' acoustic
Non "Eternal Ice'
Devo 'We are Devo'
Crash Worship 'Fiebre de Tarantado'
Wall of Voodoo 'Can't Make Love'
22 Brides 'Sacrifice'
Legendary Pink Dots 'Curious Guy'
Non 'Cleanliness and Order'