Here are a few photos I took at Burning Man 1997, 1998, and 1999. Visit the Official Burning Man Site.

Fear Heiple's Burning Man Photos 2000

Burning Man 2000 was my baptism of fire.[IMAGE] I fire danced before the public for the very first time after practicing since last year. It was even more exciting than I thought. I also hosted my absinthe bar for the third year in a row. It was the bomb. And the spiritual journey that is going to Burning Man was as intense as ever.

Isaac and I left Ventura, California, on Sunday afternoon.[IMAGE]We drive all day, and sleep in the truck at a rest stop near Donner Pass. The Donner Family Restaurant always makes me smile. I wonder what's on the menue.
We arrive at Black Rock City Monday afternoon. And set up a wonderful camp. Isaac starts to makes some Black Rock Soup. We started out with a well-scrubbed small black rock from the Playa, added water to our largest sauce pan and took turns choosing ingredients. Hot, spicy, sour, and full of garlic, it was delicious. Here's the recipe:
Black Rock Soup 2 quarts water
six mashed garlic cloves
four corn tortillas, shredded
one small can hot and spicy V-8
one big leaf hot pickled Korean cabbage, diced (Isaac brought some)
oregano, a handful
black pepper, lots
garlic salt, another handful

Combine everything. Bring to a boil. Share with passersby. Let's pause for dinner.
A mighty dust storm smashes the absinthe bar. [IMAGE]Everybody grab something...
...and move it to the Ranger camp next door.[IMAGE]
It's all good on the Playa.
Featured drink at this year's Absinthe bar. [IMAGE]   [IMAGE]An absinthe pousse-cafe flambe. 6-layers: grenadine, butterscotch schnapps, blue curacao, creme de banana, creme de menthe, absinthe. Flame on! .
A mighty dust storm smashed Wednesday's rehersal for Fridays' big fire performance.
But that didn't stop Cody. An awesome performer, she inspired me to try fire dancing, taught me some moves, and helped me with my equipment.

Lots of playa girls [IMAGE]wanted to play with my fire stick.
Flamingos everywhere...[IMAGE]

Then a mighty dust storm smashed our camp.
[IMAGE]Hold the door, Isaac! It wrecked our wind break, shade canopy, flag posts, and umbrella. It shredded Isaac's tent and blew away my expensive hi-tech sandals.
But we prevailed![IMAGE]Isaac moved into the truck and the only things I cared about were my fire sticks. Bumper sticker reads "FEAR NO ART."
Later I made a fire stick for Angela, a stripper from Seattle.[IMAGE]
She reminded me of Zann and Billy,my dead friends. I retreated to my tent for a good cry. I went on numerous crying jags toward the end of the week. The desert does a lot to the soul. All repressed emotions bubble toward the surface.
The burning of the Man was even more screwed up than last year.
awesome sunset[IMAGE]
Stuck in traffic during Sunday's exodus?[IMAGE]Just make a party of it. The playa teaches you to make a party out of every obstacle.
Couldn't make it to Burning Man? Print this out and burn it. miniMan

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