Grow your own butterflies by raising caterpillers. I started with a swallowtail caterpiller I saw on a weed in the alley. I researched and found they like to eat anise, parsley, caraway, and angelica. So I planted all these in a big tub and moved the little caterpiller into it. The next day a truck crushed the weed. As I walked home I looked over the other weeds and soon had several little larvae. Eventually, they all climb up the anise stalk, form chrysalis, and hatch out in a couple of weeks, some of them overwinter even if they made their pupae at about the same time, one took only eight days.

Mannfred, the Mighty

Oh Mannfred, my mighty caterpiller,
When it comes to love, you are a quota-filler.
You don't care if I am early or late,
You don't care if my world is full of hate.
You don't care if my workplace is a kennel.
You only want plenty of fennel.
I don't know if you are an anise swallowtail or a black,
I only know that evil you lack.
And when from your chrysalis you finally emerge,
In freeing you to the wild all my sins I will purge.

After hatching they are wet and fragile, and need to hang on something for a few hours to get their wings stretched out.

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