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[IMAGE]ownload- a- [IMAGE]inosaur

"Providing free educational designs for the home and classroom since the Twentieth Century"

New! Bigger and in Color! Raptor and Stegosaurus!

A Spinosaurus!

A Tyrannosaurus Rex worthy of the name! Click Here.


Designs for easy-to-make paper dinosaurs that you can download from this site and print out on your printer. All that is needed is scissors and glue. Soon your office will be overrunning with raptors. How about triceratops with names on them as place settings at a kid's birthday party? Or a 30-minute crafts activity?
To download a dinosaur, use whatever way works best for your particular browser, computer, and printer. Basically you either click on the print icon or click your cursor on top of the image and scroll to the "save this image" command, then you can print it out whenever you want.

[IMAGE] New! A visitor from the Ice Age: a Mammoth!

[IMAGE] a Pteranodon glass caddie!

a Camarasaurus!

a Polecanthus!

.an Iguanodon


an elasmosaurus


From Down Under, a Muttaburrasaurus!


A Flock of Ornithomimus.

Corythosaurus. Now in COLOR!

Tyrannosaurus rex baby.


Pteranodon, she flies!

Adorable apatosaurus family.
Easy Allosaurus.

Although these designs will work with cheap computer paper, you can photocopy your printout onto colored cardstock for a sturdier and more colorful dinosaur. Or trace the cut-outs onto single-ply cardboard, like that on a cereal box. You can also use crayons, paint, colored pencils/pens, etc., on your dinosaur, but it is best to do this before gluing them together. My kids at summer camp like to glue wigs, hats, etc. on them. You can also add volume by putting little creases where the shoulders and hips are on the bodies. This makes them stand up better as well as look better.

A Spanish language version of this web page can be found here

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