elasmosaurus model

1. Print out the above design.
2. Cut out the plesiosaur, being careful not to cut off the flaps at the armpits of the front arms.
3. Put a gentle fold down the spine area, from point of tail to top of body. Open it up.
4. Put a narrow tape loop at the halfway point of the neck. Fasten sides of neck together. Put a narrow tape loop inside the head and fasten the head sides together.
5. Fold the flaps at the armpits in at right angles. Overlap them and fasten with tape or a staple. This holds the model up.
6. Gently fold the hind legs up at the hip to where they sprawl out like a turtle's. Put little folds up in the front flippers at the knuckle area so they hold up the chest like a seal's. Done!

elasmo model photo
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