[IMAGE] Further Anarchy
Furthering Anarchism in Your Garden

Here are more ways to sieze control of your life and live outside the system with the help of a home garden.


Fire your dentist and grow one of these.

This is my garden juice bar. It consists of wooden boxes (whose bottoms had rotted out) that I placed directly on the soil surface and filled with layers of dry rubbish, green rubbish, chicken manure, compost, and dirt. Then I planted a cupful of wheatberries that I had sprouted over two days. Almost immediately I had large quantities of wheatgrass. I put a wire mesh over the box to keep birds, etc. out. In the morning I grab a handful of dew-laden wheatgrass blades and rip it off against the wire. It cuts easily and I get split-second fresh wheatgrass juice. The box on the left has aging wheatgrass, the box in the middle is garlic, whose greens I also use, and on the right is young, bright green wheatgrass.
Wheatgrass juice is well-known as one of the most powerful of purifiers, much needed in this polluted world. It also is full of many nutrients.
I chew it up, swallowing the juice as I chew. Sometimes I spit out the cub, but usually I continue chewing until I've got all the fiber swallowed, too. Good fiber. Nature's broom.
Another benefit is dental. The American Dental Association will never tell you this, but dental decay is a reversible rocess in which developing cavities can actually be chemically repaired (according to Dr. Stephen Wei of Iowa's College of Dentistry). Wheatgrass juice is heavily alkaline and contains calcium and phosphous. According to Viktoras Kulvinskas, it can maintain and repair teeth in the manner discovered by Dr. Wei. I find my teeth feel harder and smoother after chewing wheatgrasses.
The wheatgrass box requires little. I water it normally. After a couple of months, they start sending up stems for seeds. I stop eating at this point as the juice becomes bitter and stems are tough. I let the seeds fully form. The plants die and dry out. The seed pods go to the chickens. The rest of the plants go to the rubbish heap.

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