My Garden Summer 1997


A view from east to west. Bones scare off possums, skunks, and racoons.

A view from west to east. I love sleeping in my tent in my garden.
A. A terraced bed with one plank at the most downhill edge; potatoes with a companion of indian popcorn surrounded by gopher purge plants and garlic.
B. Another one-plank terraced bed; one row marjoram, one row garlic chives, one row half flat leaf parsley and half valerian.
C. A raised bed. Two huge regular zucchini plants and two medium size round zucchini plants. With one red sunflower.
D. A long raised bed. Front row: very gothic blue lace petunias, sweet basil, golden canary melons, St. John's Wort. Second row: black beauty eggplant, cherry tomatoes, red sunflowers, lettuce basil, and leeks. Third row: roma tomatoes and sweet basil. I tie the tomatoes to the sunflower stalks.
E. The Sunflower House.
F. Chard (cover crop), pyrethrum daisy, white onions. In a furrow.
G. A raised strawberry bed. Surrounded by its own wire to keep chickens and other strawberry lovers away. Also red leaf lettuce, purple basil, leeks, and a row of elephant garlic fill this bed.
H. Potato barrels. (see main page)
I. Nothing but garlic in this furrow.
J. A row of zucchini, tomato, carrots, and strawberries.
K. A garlic box. With a big pyrethrum daisy growing beside it.
L. A Wheatgrass Box. With culinary sage and white yarrow neighbors.
M. A raised bed with potatoes, gopher purge, cabbage, indian popcorn, thai dragon chili peppers, and sweet basil.
N. Kholrabi, thyme, oregano, white yarrow, horehound, catnip, peppermint, white sage, echinacea.
O. A potato box. A wooden box with a rotted out bottom placed on top of chicken wire (to keep out gophers), and then filled the usual way. Bush beans and indian popcorn grown as companions.
P. A raised bed with cantalopes, sweet basil, cinnamon, basil, mini basil, elephant garlic, a mammoth sunflower, and a big roma tomato tied to the sunflower.
Q.A whirl-gig.

Potted cacti, aloe vera, white clover, and well-appreciated volunteer gopher purge and cosmos speckle the garden.

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