miniMan model
Can't make it to Burning Man this year? Well, you can celebrate in absentia with a flammable little Burning Man doll.

1. Print out the above design. Use cardstock if you have it, or the stiffest paper available.
2. Cut the design out, being careful not to cut off the ribs.
3. Put a crease down the back where the spine would be, from crotch to neck, but not including the head. Open it up. this fold will hold the model up.
4. Make the head by folding it at the dotted lines and positioning the chin at the chest so that the top of the head is flat and the head a 3-D wedge shape. Fasten the point of the chin to the chest with a small bit of clear tape. Good job! Now let's make the rib cage.
5. Make the torso by starting with the top set of ribs. Overlap the ribs and fasten them with tape or staple. Then overlap the next set, slightly smaller, and fasten. Then the last set, smaller still, and fasten. Ribs should taper evenly. Trim off the extra rib paper with your scissors.
6. Make the arms by first folding them along the lines and then opening them up into 3-sided prisms. A bit of tape at the upper arm edges and they should hold themselves up.
7. Make the legs the same way: fold 'em, open 'em up, and fasten them with tape or a staple at the buckle area.
8. Bend the pedestal flap around, overlap, and fasten with tape or staple. Model should stand up on its own on this pedestal, but you should attach it to the base nonetheless.
9. Make the base by folding up a scrap sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper over and over and over again into an eighth. It should be about 2 x 2 1/2 inches, about the size of a playing card. Two or three staples will keep it really flat. Then fasten the pedestal to the base with tape at the front and back, and put white glue all along where the edge of the pedestal touches the paper. Allow to dry overnight.
10. Decorate with color markers, paint, crayons, etc., although this is easiest if you do it before cutting it out (I guess I shoulda mentioned it earlier).
11. Pack the model with matches, match heads, flash cotton, flash paper, and a small firecracker near the heart.
12. Strip off your clothes, paint your body and face. Drink, dance, drum. When the moment is right, flame on!

miniMan model photo
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