Fear of Music Halloween Show '94 10-30-94

Boris Pickett "Monster Mash"

OingoBoingo "Dead Man's Party"

Bad Religion "21st century Digital Boy"

Warren Zevon "Werewolves of London"

Will "Father Forgive"

Cult "Sanctuary" howling mix

Depeche Mode "Black Celebration" black tulip mix

Marcels "Blue Moon"

Ween "Voodoo Lady"

Ministry "Everyday is Halloween" extended

Veruca Salt "Seether"

Dambuilders "Smell"

Kode IV "Insane"

Sinead O'Connor "Fire on Babylon"

D Generation "No Way Out"

Arthur Brown "Fire Poem & Fire"

Ramones "Pet Sematery"

Sisters of Mercy "Floorshow"

Toadies "Backslider"

Fred Schneider "Monster"

Cirith Ungol "Toccatta and fugue in Dm"

Frank Zappa "Muffin Man"

Specials "Ghost Town"

Murmurs "You Suck"

Carter USM "Everytime the Churchbell rings'

Jah Malla "Bad Moon Rising"

Will "Furnace Rekindled"

Edgar Allen Poe "The Telltale Heart"

Munsters TV theme

Cranes "Paris and Rome"

Rocky Horror OST "Time Warp"

Das Ich "Von der Armut"

Ministry "Just One Fix"

Screamin' Jay Hawkins "I Put A Spell on You"

Faith and the Muse "Elyria "

Corrosion of Conformity "Albatross"

This Ascension "Exhibition"

Fields of the Nephalim "Moon child"

Cramps "Eyeball in My Martini"

Sex Gang Children "Dieche"

Red Square Black "I Lost My..."

Noise Unit "Dry Lungs"

Concrete Blonde "Bloodletting"

London After Midnight "Sacrifice"

Will "Souls of the Valiant"

Bauhaus "Bela Lagosi's Dead"