Fear of Music 4/2/95

Pizzicato Five "Twiggy vs. James Bond"

Bad Religion "21st Cent. Digital Boy"

PJ Harvey "Down by the Water"

Sisters of Mercy "Marian"

Morphine "Honey White"

Depeche Mode "Black Celebration" live

Babes in Toyland "Sweet 69"

English Beat "Ranking Full Stop"

Sleeper "Delicious"

NOFX "Brain Constipation"

Enigma "I Love You...I'll Kill You"

Gang of Four "I Found that Essence Rare"

Mudhoney "My Brother the Cow"

Helmet "Unsung"

Hole "Miss World"

Filter "Hey Man, Nice Shot"

Catherine Wheel "Crank"

Untouchables "Wild Child'

Siouxsie "Face to Face"

Veruca Salt "Seether"

Compulsion "Mall Monarchy"

Traci Lords "Control"

Stone Roses "I Want to Be Adored"

Richard Hell "I Belong to the Blank Generation"

Peter Murphy "The Scarlet Thing in You"

Devo "Jerkin Back N Forth"

Jewel "Who Will Save Your Soul"

Ween "Voodoo Lady"

Cure "A Forest" tree mix

Violent Femmes "Blister in the Sun"

Eve's Plum "I Want it All"

Rancid "Brixton"

NIN "Piggy"

KMFDM "Juke Joint Jezebel"

Blondie "Atomic"

Young Marble Giants "Searching for Mr. Right"

Disposable Heroes of Hiphopcrisy "California Uber Alles"

Cake "Rock and Roll Lifestyle"

Social Distortion "Story of My Life"

Joy Division "Dead Souls"

Murmurs "All I Need to Know"

They Might Be Giants "Snail Shell"

Morrissey "Boxers"

Armageddon Dildoes "Too Far to Suicide"

Cherries "My Favorite Scars"

Revenge "Pineapple Face"

Laika "Marimba Song"

Mission UK "Amelia"

Three Mile Pilot "Aqua-Magnetic"

Portishead "Sour Times"

Crash Worship "Pyru"