Another psychedelic liquer

Most consumers of cannibis sativa prefer to clean their herb of stems and seeds. This recipe uses the discarded stems. Stems, especially small ones, contain THC, too, and it can be extracted using the tincture method.
Instead of throwing them out, stockpile your stems. Keep a jar near your stash and just drop them in. Once you have enough stems (at least 1/4 oz.), just pour in vodka. Only enough to submerge the stems is required (200 ml. or 8 ounces should do it). Put it in the dark for four days. Strain out the stems (a coffe filter works good), then invite your friends over for a special treat.
Any vodka recipe will do. Try it with orange juice for a potka screwdriver. For a real show-stopper, freeze cranberry juice in ice cube trays and serve the potka drivers over cranberry ice cubes that slowly melt and add color and flavor to the drink.

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