Use any sheet of paper you have, the stiffer the better, and follow the instructions below. A pair of scissors and three bits of tape are also required.

1. Hold paper horizontal and fold down the middle. Open up the sheet.
2. Fold corners down to middle line.
3. Fold sides again about halfway to the middle line.
4. Fold flap halfway down.
5. Fold flap halfway back up. Cut with scissors at the lines indicated. Leave about half an inch (1 cm.) for the neck. Don't cut too much or the head won't be rigid enough.
6. Fold the two sides of the flap together to make the beak, head, and creast of the pteranodon. Tape sides of the head together. Tape the flap flat to the wings where you cut them with the scissors. Trim two triangles out of the butt to make a little tail. Finally, bend the wings down on the dotted lines indicated. From the front, pteranodon should have a flattened "M" shape. Draw in an eye and mouth. Fly it by holding on to the head and launching like a dart. Witness a sight not seen for 67 million years. Wow!
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