Solar Power

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Solar Panels

Solar Power

The principle of photovoltaic power (converting
light into electricity) was discovered by an American in 1836 when
it was found that sunlight striking a surface emits
electrons. With positive and negative poles a DC
current could be obtained. With the development of
solar cells and solid state electronics, solar
power generators have become reliable alternatives
to the power grid. These can be stand-alone
systems, such as are currently in use to power
entire hospitals in Zaire and remote archeological
digs, or they can be portable such as the one illustrated here.

We recommend that you make your own solar power system. Learn how by starting small. Here is a small system good for camping, boating, emergencies, or supplementing a house. You can buy plans for installing solar power for an entire house here.

Basic Solar Power Generator
8" x 27" MBC-131
Uni-Solar soft panel
Rated power (Watts, peak): 5.50
Typ. 12 Volt Charging (Amp. Hrs/Wk) 13.00
Voltage, Typ. Max Power (Volts) 15.60
Current, Typ. Max Power (Amps) .35
Weight (pounds) 1.5
10 feet cable with battery ring,
terminals, fuse, and convenient
2 pin plug
Powerfilm F15-300N Foldable Solar Panel - approx. 5 watts
Powerfilm F15-300N Foldable Solar Panel - approx. 5 watts
- $ 79.47
Wow! What a great price on this foldable solar panel. Get one while they last! 15.4 Volts 300ma size: 648mm x 279mm (25.5 x 11 inches) folded: 140 x 114 x 1.9mm (5.5 x 4.5 x 0.75 inches) weight: 0.38 lb.Assembled in China with USA panels and other foreign components.

Marine 12Volt battery (lead/acid) holds deep cycle 95 to 102 Amps for long
periods of use. Two ports for cigarette lighter
inverters, analog window shows charge level, AC plug out to charge battery
when AC is available. Push-button fuse.

System includes inverter (12Volt DC to 115 Volt AC). Detaches easily to use
with cigarette lighter in car for AC power on the road. A variety (23 in all) of budget-priced inverters from 100 watts to 3000 watts can be had online from Lane's Professional Auto Accessories. Just type "inverters" into his search bar.

Car Power Inverter - Instant 300W AC Power - $ 18.87

From: Chinavasion Wholesale Ltd.

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