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Our biggest dinosaur yet! This spinosaurus takes six sheets of paper and a little more time to make than our other models but it is well worth the trouble.

1. Print out the body. (Click Here). Cut it out. Fold it down the back in two. Put aside.

My sister Marie helps out nephew Jonathon.

2. Print out the head. (Click Here). Cut it out. Fold it in two and cut out the little white areas behind the neck and at the snout. Take your time with the teeth. The spinosaurus had a little crest right in front of its eyes. Can you figure out what this was for? Me neither. Put a tape loop inside the neck and fasten the halves together. Put drops of glue on both sides of the snout and fold the nose down and hold together a few moments until it sticks. Overlap the lower jaw until the lower teeth line up with the upper teeth.and put a strip of tape across the front of the chin. Fluff up the head to make it look three-dimensional and scary. Put aside.

3. Print out the tail. (Click Here). Cut it out. Fold it over. Done. Put aside.

4. Print out the legs. (Click Here). Cut it out. Fold it over. Trim away any extra white paper. Staple the feet together and then tape them over. Don't use glue--it'll make the legs soggy and unable to hold the big guy up. Print the legs out on cardstock if you have it. Fold the legs up in a "W" shape with the heel claw in the back. Put aside.

5. Print out the arms. (Click Here). Cut them out. Fold them over. A thin smear of glue works good here. Go ahead and use your finger. Bend the arms in at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and claws into realistic shapes. Put aside.

Cut them all out.

6. Print out the sail. (Click Here). Cut it out. Fold it over. Trim away the little white areas at the top. Put aside.

Put them together.


Get the legs right.

7. Assemble all the parts. Start by gluing or taping the head and the tail up inside the body. Lay it on its side and do one half at a time. Do the same thing with the sail, using glue or tape. Line the back of the arms up with the shoulder lines on the body. A small chest area bridges the body from arm to arm. Tape in place. Finally, line the front of the legs up with the leg lines on the body. The notch on the body should fit into the notch in the back of the leg structure above the heel claw. Leg flap goes outside of the body. Trim away any white paper that shows. Balance the body on top of the legs until you find the center of balance.and fasten the legs to the body with a big piece of tape on the outside. Fluff up the body. Spinosaurus done!

We made two of them in an hour!

Problems? Suggestions? Kudos? This is a new model.Send comments to Phil Heiple, curator, Download-a-Dinosaur.

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