Soil Ecology Seminar

Soil Ecology-Scientific Basis for Biological Farming and Natural control of Soil Insects and Diseases

Seminer over and everyone was very happy they came . If you ever get a chance to hear Dr. Elaine Ingham go!

Dr. Elaine Ingham Department of Botany and Plant Pathology Oregon State Universirty

Place -Santa Paula Community Center-530 W. Main Street Santa Paula Ca.

Full Seminar Fee $35 before Oct. 8 . $45 after. Fee for pm session only $20/$25 -Exhibitor table $35.

No refunds. Regustration may be available at door as space allows. For students scholarship : send $20 with letter describing income and academic goals ($5 for pm session only) One person form

Dietrick Institute
P.O. Box 2506
Ventura,Ca. 93002

For Further Information

Dietrick Institute
Phone:805-643-3169 FAX: 805-643-6267
Email: (jan)

Time from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm

Tuesday October 15,1996

Santa Paula Community Center

503 W. Main Street

Santa Paula,Ca.

Presented by: The Dietrick Institute for Applied Insect Ecology Sponsored by: Ventrua County Lighthouse Farm Network,Committee for Sustainable Agriculture and UC Cooperative Extension.

Everett Dietrick Institute for Applied Insect EcologyA non-profit since 1996 to develop and offer educational programs that promote the use of biological pest management strategies based on maintaining restoring or enhancing the diversity of organisms in soil and above-ground food webs. For more information call Jan Dietrick 805-643-3169

Ventura County Lighthouse Farm NetworkMonthly meetings sponsored by the Community Alliance with Family Farmers for any grower interested in reducing chemical inputs and developing more biologically based methods of farming,with an eye to the bottom line. For information, Call Beth von Gunten 805-643-2325

Soil Microbial Biomass ServiceA service of the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology,Oregon State University at Corvallis organized in 1984 to assay microbial biomass of forest,farm and prairie soils and manage a database to guide farmers and ecologists in soil restoration and improving plant health and agricultural productivity. For more information,call Elaine Ingham 541-737-7715

Committee for Sustainable AgricultureOrganized since 1982 to promote a sustainable system that is ecologically sound,economically viable and socially just. The 1997 Ecological Farming Conference is January 22-25,Pacific Grove,Ca.For information call 408-763-2111 or Fax 408-763-2112

Soil ecologists,using new high-tech microscopic techniques, have begun to discover the importance of soil foodwebs as a prime indicator of ecosystem health. Plants profoundly affect and are affected by soil organic matter and nutrient cycling. Food web nutrient cycling starts with root exudates and the varying needs of carbon and nitrogen at each microbe tropic level. Composts,compost teas and mulches have different effects on plants.Good soil for each crop has measurable numbers and ratios of bacterial or fungal biomass or activity,protozoa and beneficial nematodes,and nematode maturity indices.The goal of soil ecologists is to develop bioassay techniques and an expanding database to manage soil foodwebs that maximize plant health and biological control. Good biological control below ground supports good biological control above ground. The Dietrick Institute for Applied Insect Ecology is non-profit and promotes research and education projects in Ventrue County Ca.This Soil Ecology Seminar will provide the scientific basis and sampling techniques for participants in these agroecology projects and for interested growers,advisors,researchers growers and agricultural suppliers.

Application applied for 3 CE hours for Crop & Pest Control Advisors

for Citrus,Avocado,Strawberry and Vegetable Growers,Landscape Installers,Researchers,Crop and pest control Advisors.

Registration 11:00AM

Morning Session 11:30-12:30 Sampling for Microbial Biomass

Catered Lunch with Break-Out Discussion 12:30 to 1:30 A: Creating a Soil Microbial Biomass Database for Citrus in Ventrua Co. B: Creating a Ventura Co. Strawberry/.Row crop Lighthouse Meeting to learn about biological production system

Afternoon 1:30-3:00 Seminar by Dr. Elaine InghamDisease Control-Types of Soil Biodiversity for Growing Different Crops-Mulches,Composts and Compost teas to Restore Biodiversity for Your Crop.

How to get thereHwy 126 to Santa Paula,north on Peck Rd. croww Harvard Blvd. Turn east on Main St. Community Center is on southwest corner of Main & Steckle Dr.